Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Honda 3R-C Concept

The Honda 3R-C is a three wheeled, all weather urban trike concept with electric, zero emission power. Even if you are tired of relentless future concepts that never come to fruition, it's hard for Mr Motor Tweeter to ignore this three wheeled car-bike crossover.

Designed by Honda's Research and Design facility in Milan the 3R-C incorporates an active wind shield that when parked covers the cockpit and when in motion provides enveloping protection from the elements. The driver, positioned low down in the vehicle would be well protected from London's big puddle filled potholes. Very clever Honda. All it needs now is the VFR1200 engine and I'm sold.

See the 3R-C on show at Geneva later in the year.

Source: Autoblog

Mini Countryman Promo Video

The first of a whole line of new Minis on the horizon, the Countryman, a crossover model with raised ride height and larger interior space now stars in a music video. With music by Cyndi Lauper the 'Life is out there' production contains cows, dogs, iPhones, basejumpers and much much more.

Priced from £16,000, the new Countryman will be available in two or four wheel drive and with several engine and spec variants including diesels and the turbocharged Cooper S. Appearance aside my guess is that Mini will have few problems securing numerous orders.

Porsche 911 GT3 R Hybrid

Based on the current 911 GT3 R Porsche have annouced the arrival of their new Hybrid race car. Powered by the same rear mounted 480 hp 4.0 litre flat six the R Hybrid also carries two electric motors up front powering the front wheels. Located in the passenger floorwell sits a flywheel capable of spinning up to 40,000rpm which stores kinetic energy from braking. Once full energy is stored an extra 120kw is directed to the front wheels, (the equivalent of 160hp). Available in six to eight second bursts the technology is similar to the KERS system used by the Williams F1 team and would provide a useful overtake power surge or improved fuel economy.

Entered into the Nurburgring 24 Hours in May, the 911 GT3 R Hybrid will act as a running 'racing laboratory' car in order for a more refined, full-on assualt at Le Mans in 2012.

Very forward hybrid thinking from Porsche I feel. Expect hybrid Porsche road cars by 2015 then.

Source Autoblog & Next Autos

Monday, 22 February 2010

Dog Cam In-Car-On-Bike Cameras

Filming your exploits in-car or on-bike is becoming a big business. This post will look at some of Dog Cam Sport's systems currently available highlighting the main differences.

Dogcamsport provide great free advice and a whole range of packages. Boasting a selection of tailor made kits to suit all manner of activites from snowboarding to hangliding, they also offer complete bike and car applications.

These are just two of the great kits that Dogcam sell, see the website for lots more!

Mini DVR 2 Bullet Bike Kit

Comprising of a digital recorder (for immediate video reviewing), bullet camera and wired remote this kit is ideal for bikes as it comes with three mounts including a suction mount. An ideal starter kit for bikers at a great price. The kit includes:
  • MiniDVR 2 Digital video recorder, 720 x 576 resolution at 3mb/s.
  • 520tvl Sony Exview CCD Bullet Camera. 83 degree wide angle lens.
  • 2 x 1400mah Li-ion Batteries.
  • UK Mains battery charger.
  • Flat base camera mount.
  • Tubular camera mount.
  • Video output cables.
  • USB Cable.
  • Leather Belt Holster.
  • DogCam Helmet Suction Mount!
  • Price £175
hDVR H720 Bullet Car Kit

Essentially the same kit as the Mini DVR except with upgraded bullet camera and digital recorder, this package will produce better quality film at full D1 720 x 576 resolution. The recorder also has many different functions such as 'Motion Detection', 'Car Mode' and 'Loop Mode' for automatic recording. The kit includes:
  • hDVR 720 Bullet Camera System with full D1 720 x 526 resolution at 10mb/s
  • 550tvl Sony HQ Bullet Camer. 3.6mm wide angle lens.
  • 2 x 1400 Li-Ion Batteries
  • Mains Battery Charger
  • Wired LANC Remote Controller
  • Flat base sticky helmet mount
  • Velcro Straps
  • Car Cig Lighter Charger
  • USB Cable
  • Lens Removal Tool
  • Camera Cradle
  • TV-Record/Output Cables
  • Price £250

Friday, 19 February 2010

Cadwell By GSXR1000

With the sun shining over London today I am reminded of Summer days at Cadwell Park watching bikes and cars whilst camping in the beautiful Lincolnshire countryside. This is a quality video taken at a track day in 2009 on board a Suzuki GSXR1000 K7. Enjoy!

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Revuu- The Rear View Helmet

Reevu's new MSX1 crash helmet has arrived incorporating the new 'rear view technology'. Revolutionising the way bikers see what is happenning on the road behind them, Reevu have developed an internal system that appears to bend light over the head providing a clear and accurate reflection of the rear view.

Made from reflective polycarbonate the rear view system is lighter and tougher than glass. Apart from the obvious safety benefits the Reevu technology also provides assistance to classic bikes that have poor or highly vibrating mirrors. Ideal for Mr Motor Tweeter!

Made of a tri-composite material the helmet satifies EU homologation standards but is currently awaiting full certification. I will perform a full test once my order has arrived.

Friday, 12 February 2010

Porsche Art Posters

In order to market Porsche's colourful history in motor racing the factory commissioned dozens of highly original and artistic posters commemorating race wins and iconic events since the 1950s. Produced in limited quantities and often donated to dealerships and race teams the timeless artworks speak volumes whether you are a Porsche fan or not.

Recently posted on the Porsche Media website here are a few of my favourite.

Thursday, 11 February 2010

How Not to Ride..

These videos prove that showing off, wearing silly clothes and receiving poor tuition usually results in tears. Enjoy watching but learn from their mistakes.

Lesson Number 1: Learn how to go

Lesson Number 2: Learn how stop

Lesson Number 3: Learn not to let go of the controls

Lesson Number 4: Learn that practice makes perfect

Wednesday, 10 February 2010


First seen in 1967 the compact NSU TT was slightly larger than the out going Prinz but nevertheless lightweight and very well engineered. The air-cooled, all alloy 1177cc in-line four cylinder chain driven OHC engine producing 70 bhp positioned over the back wheels was advanced for its day.

Weighing only 700kg and with excellent traction thanks to all independent suspension, the TT became a hit with enthusiasts and keen drivers. The smaller capacity, higher revving 996cc TTS became a successful racer in the under 1 litre class and with simple modifications can be made to produce over 100bhp. Impressive today, even more so thirty years ago!

Useful as a wide arched hill climb car or at auto tests the TT is still campaigned as a racer, scaring Minis and Hillman Imps all over Europe. The NSU brand was eventually bought out by VW and merged with Auto Union to create Audi. The rear engined TT model was phased out in 1973 to make way for more profitable Audi and VW models whilst reducing the competition for the VW Beetle.

As a hill climb or sprint car the TT was nimble, light and powerful for it's class. Easily recognisable, owners set engine covers slightly ajar to improve cooling, watch the video links below to find out for yourself!

Source:Stefan's NSU TT/TTS , Retro Scene

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

1974 Ford Escort 1300 Executive

Famous for winning rallies the world over, Ford's beloved Mk1/2 Escort is usually photographed 'tail out' whilst screaming past cold looking spectators on a secluded section of an Irish Rally. Built in Cork and remaining in Ireland, Paddy McGrath's spotless Mk1 1300E has undoubtedly never seen a rally stage and with just 58,000 miles from new, this four door Executive is all the better for it.

Presented in original specification (except the body colour) Paddys Escort has the 1298cc ohv single cam engine, also fitted to the Sport model. Packing 74 bhp the Ford crossflow engine provides ample power for relaxed cruising in comfort.

Exclusive to the Executive Escort, the wooden dash trim, deeper pile carpets and period perfect vinyl roof have all aged well in this car, whilst the addition of a sportier steering wheel lends a sporty feel. This 'high spec' model also shares the flared front wings from the Mexico and Sport variants.

Paddy beleives the only way to originality is to remain original and with so many modified Escorts out there, his truly concours example is a rare sight.