Wednesday, 10 February 2010


First seen in 1967 the compact NSU TT was slightly larger than the out going Prinz but nevertheless lightweight and very well engineered. The air-cooled, all alloy 1177cc in-line four cylinder chain driven OHC engine producing 70 bhp positioned over the back wheels was advanced for its day.

Weighing only 700kg and with excellent traction thanks to all independent suspension, the TT became a hit with enthusiasts and keen drivers. The smaller capacity, higher revving 996cc TTS became a successful racer in the under 1 litre class and with simple modifications can be made to produce over 100bhp. Impressive today, even more so thirty years ago!

Useful as a wide arched hill climb car or at auto tests the TT is still campaigned as a racer, scaring Minis and Hillman Imps all over Europe. The NSU brand was eventually bought out by VW and merged with Auto Union to create Audi. The rear engined TT model was phased out in 1973 to make way for more profitable Audi and VW models whilst reducing the competition for the VW Beetle.

As a hill climb or sprint car the TT was nimble, light and powerful for it's class. Easily recognisable, owners set engine covers slightly ajar to improve cooling, watch the video links below to find out for yourself!

Source:Stefan's NSU TT/TTS , Retro Scene

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