Wednesday, 18 May 2011

1980 Peppermint Austin Mini Van for sale

My very good friend Mike has decided to sell his beautiful 1980 Austin Mini Van complete with peppermint paintwork and throaty A-series big-bore 1380cc Weber 45 DCOE engine.

The car has been fully restored to fast road spec and has had many of the floor panels replaced. It carries heavy duty, adjustable tie-rods, 10" mercury alloy wheels and front disc brakes.

With a bit of a tune up (Mike says the plugs suggest it's running a touch rich), this Mini could be made to go and handle really well. So if you fancy something a little different for the summer that's bound to turn heads and needs very little work to make perfect, visit the Peppermint Mini auction. The car is being sold with no reserve and you won't meet a nicer bloke.