Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Beautiful Brown

Brown cars. Now there's an ugly, slightly upsetting thought. Second to purple perhaps, brown is surely not cool I can hear you thinking. Well think again my petrol headed inter-webbers. Brown not only says I don't care if you're not looking at me, it also says I don't care if my car is the same colour as shit. Again, another upsetting thought.

Polished brown, contrary to popular belief, doesn't resemble a polished turd but displays a confidence, a certain 70s long haired confidence that along with facial hair and big rim spectacles says, try me, I'm not afraid of what you think. The fact that dirt is also brown means your car requires less cleaning, less effort and more lazy cool points.

Check out these poo coloured poser-mobiles and tell me, is brown the new black? Steve McQueen thought so..

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