Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Vyrus 987 C3 4V The Most Powerful Production Motorcycle

Against conventional telescopic forks and underpowered modern bike engines, forward thinking Italian manufacturers Vyrus are now producing the 987 C3 4V, the worlds most powerful production motorcycle, complete with front and rear swingarms. Controlled by a series of rods the front end consists of a hub-centre-steered design, brainchild of ex Bimota deisgner Ascanio Rodorigo.

"The front end of a Vyrus doesn’t dive when you brake into the corners, which means you don’t get the weight transfer on the front wheel. This allows you to brake later and corner harder and always keeps the bike tremendously stable and safe. At the same time when accelerating, the rear end, doesn't 'sit down'. The result is an experience that always feels easy and secure."

Packing over 210 bhp and 107ftlb of torque the flagship supercharged Vyrus will also weigh less than a current R1. Utilising a tweaked version of Ducati's 1198 motor and chassis, Rodrigo believes “Everybody will be able to ride it without killing themselves”. Let's hope so Rodrigo.

Also available will be two non-supercharged versions producing 170 bhp and 184 bhp depending on what level of tune you require. Race spec traction control systems and clever engine management help deal with the power delivery and also help warrant price tags of £44k, £50k and a ridiculous £70k for the supercharged version.

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  1. Wow That's what I call a bike. It's so stylish and cool. I would like to buy it but the used one as I can't afford the brand new. :-|