Thursday, 28 January 2010

BMW MMMMMMs..........

Two new BMW 'M' variants have appeared today including what may well be the replacement for the previous E46 CSL. Dubbed the 'Competition Package' the latest version of BMW's beautifully balanced two door V8 Coupe will go on sale as a cost option on standard cars in 2011.

With a drop in ride height of 10mm, drool worthy 19 inch wheels and a louder, meaner exhaust the Competition Package is rumoured to cost a premium of approxiamtely £4,000. Inside a full dose of alcantara will finish off the leightweight theme. There is also talk of a full manual gearbox option for those who prefer the full driving experience.

If it looks anything as good as the track biased GTS (above) that appeared towards the end of last year, the M3 Competition Package should be an option worth ticking.

Next on the BMW menu is the latest version of the legendary M5, caught winter testing by a World Car Fans spy photographer. Gone is the raucous and hugely thirsty V10 and in slots a 'greener' twin turbo 4.4 litre V8 packing over 570 hp. Torque figures are up to 531 ft lb and the 0-62 mph time is estimted to drop t0 a paltry 4.4 seconds. You almost feel sorry for the tarmac..

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