Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Are Volvos Cool..?

If I say "Volvo" you'll probably say and feel very little. Either that or images of yummy mummies in large SUVs will pop into your head followed by the dreary image of a school history teacher loading books into the back of a big orange estate car, wearing socks and sandals of course.

Volvo cars did once cut the mustard. Lest we forget the P1800 Roger Moore drove in the 60s TV show The Saint. The sporty roofline, the twin tail fin rear wings, this was a car with genuine style- a Swedish Mustang if you like. Following the 121, 122 and 123 models the boxy styling of the 70s took over and the footwear faux pas slowly began to emerge.

The brave guys at Vintage Performance Developments have set out to shake this stuffy image providing a service to turn 60s Volvos into competitive classic racers. Take a look through the highly detailed site, I especially liked the 200+hp P1800 vintage racer for sale.

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