Friday, 22 January 2010

Bimota DB8 Biposto

Exotic Italian motorcycle manufacturer Bimota edge one step closer to the mainstream with the new DB8. Famous for matching existing power plants with innovative and industry leading chassis design, Bimota have done something very different with the Biposto.

Now sporting a pillion seat, although you'd have to be Kylie-sized to want to use it, Bimota have managed to retain the exciting chassis and bodywork design and blended in an Espresso of practicality.

Cradling an 170hp 1198 Ducati V-Twin motor, the Biposto (meaning seats two) uses cheaper chromoly materials for the frame rather than carbon fibre as used on the exquisite DB7. This in hand brings prices down to a more reasonable £20,000! I know, it's still not exactly cheap but Bimota ownership just got that tinchy bit closer. Now for Kylie..

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