Wednesday, 10 March 2010

U Rally- The Championship Charity Rally

Do you crave adventure? Do you love road trips? Are you free in August this year? Then why not enter a team into the Championship Charity U Rally, a fundraising event aimed at raising money for schools in Uganda with a mission, "To unlock the potential of Africa by driving for change."

With no set route, the destination is up to entrants, but in order to gain championship points teams must complete 'A series of challenges'. Without sounding like an episode of Top Gear the event promises to be a rewarding adventure. Entrants will have a chance to meet new people and see exciting places along the way whilst helping African children make a start in life.

With very few strict entrance rules, the type of vehicle entered is also entirely up to entrants. Motorbikes, cars, buses or milk floats are all eligible and there is no limit to the amount of passengers per team or vehicle. Several meeting places are also pre-organised, in the name of having a good ol' party.

Similar in spirit to the Mongol Rally, U Rally intends to fundraise as part of the rapidly growing charity Promoting Equality in African Schools (PEAS). Their aim is to widen access to education in Africa by founding and developing sustainable, low-fee secondary schools.

PEAS also work in collaboration with Bounce, the charity who provide sports facilities for schools in Africa.

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