Wednesday, 3 March 2010

The 'Alfabeast'

Bike engined cars are a relatively tried and tested formula- Fit a high revving, compact Hayabusa motor into a featherlight, excellent handling chassis and Bob's your uncle, you'll have lots of fun. In the eyes of engineering challenges though, Crossbreed Cycles have done the complete opposite, fitting a 2500cc Alfa Romeo V6 lump into a hardtail, chopper style frame.

After receiving inspiration from the 1926 Harley Davidson racer at the Pamplona Collection auction recently, this bike is impractical for sure, but incites the same rebellious feeling in me.

Many readers will be quick to dismiss this project/post as Orange County Chopper's next episode but on closer inspection this bike displays a huge commitment to combining retro bikes and cars, in one macho, if not bumpy ride.

Consisting of a Kraftek frame, Kawasaki ZXR750 front end and four speed Harley gearbox, the Alfabeast also has two Weber downdraft carbs poking out right through the top of the tank!

Sources: Crossbreed Cycles, DucCutters

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