Friday 7 October 2011

GWA Tuning's Ferrari 340 Mexico Berlinetta re-creation

If the price of an original Carrera Panamerica Ferrari 340 Mexico is slightly out of reach (one recently sold for $4.3million), how about commissioning GWA Tuning to create one of their stunning Ferrari 456-based re-creations. 

Boasting over 475bhp from its 5.4-litre V12, the 340 Mexico Berlinetta's is built using many modern Ferrari parts including brakes, suspension plus a hand-crafted aluminium body.

The retro theme continues inside the cockpit complete with vintage dials and steering wheel, blending perfectly with carbon fibre seats. The six speed manual gearbox complete with open shift-gate completes the bespoke feel.


  1. Wow! Cool Ferrari. I love the design of this car. Thanks for the picture!

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  2. This looks really really cool.

  3. The idea of this ferrari car is such a good car architecture for all times. The beauty of it is pretty interesting and definable.