Friday 7 October 2011

GWA Tuning's Ferrari 340 Mexico Berlinetta re-creation

If the price of an original Carrera Panamerica Ferrari 340 Mexico is slightly out of reach (one recently sold for $4.3million), how about commissioning GWA Tuning to create one of their stunning Ferrari 456-based re-creations. 

Boasting over 475bhp from its 5.4-litre V12, the 340 Mexico Berlinetta's is built using many modern Ferrari parts including brakes, suspension plus a hand-crafted aluminium body.

The retro theme continues inside the cockpit complete with vintage dials and steering wheel, blending perfectly with carbon fibre seats. The six speed manual gearbox complete with open shift-gate completes the bespoke feel.

Thursday 6 October 2011

Dyrham Park Hill Climb - SPIRIT OF THE 60s

These photos were taken at the recent 1961-65 Dyrham Park Hill Climb re-enactment near Bristol. The event was a great success, with beautiful weather and a great range of cars, including some that took part in the original event.

Lots of people attended too, probably more than expected for this modest event, causing some local traffic problems on the local roads.

The event maintained a very relaxed atmosphere and it was great to see Paul Dickinson with his fantastic Volkswagen Type 3 Notchback. There were also escorted runs up the original track.  Take a look on the Bristol Motor Club website for more info and entry list.

Paul Dickinson and John Robbins with the Notchback tackling the hill course..

Sunday 12 June 2011

FIA GT1 Silverstone 2011

Free tickets to Silverstone to watch the fire spitting GT cars? Yes please. This was my first visit to 'The home of British Motor Racing' since the new track layout and pit complex was finished earlier in the year. I can safely say the owners have succeeded in dragging the old Silverstone into the 21st Century providing the UK with a truly world class venue to host the likes of Formula One and any other international event.

An under whelming number of spectators did make feel a little soul-less on the Sunday but the number of crashes on track made up for it.

The GT3, GT4 and Lamborghini Trofeo races all supported the GT1 main event.

Wednesday 18 May 2011

1980 Peppermint Austin Mini Van for sale

My very good friend Mike has decided to sell his beautiful 1980 Austin Mini Van complete with peppermint paintwork and throaty A-series big-bore 1380cc Weber 45 DCOE engine.

The car has been fully restored to fast road spec and has had many of the floor panels replaced. It carries heavy duty, adjustable tie-rods, 10" mercury alloy wheels and front disc brakes.

With a bit of a tune up (Mike says the plugs suggest it's running a touch rich), this Mini could be made to go and handle really well. So if you fancy something a little different for the summer that's bound to turn heads and needs very little work to make perfect, visit the Peppermint Mini auction. The car is being sold with no reserve and you won't meet a nicer bloke.

Thursday 28 April 2011

Porsche 997 GT3 RS 4.0 - The final chapter?

Evo Magazine get an exclusive interview with development driver Andreas Preuninger at the unveiling of the new 500bhp 4.0-litre GT3 RS, the final episode of the Porsche 997.

Friday 1 April 2011

Bell and Ross Harley Davidson Nascafe

Awesome Harley Nascafe Racer built in conjunction with Bell & Ross watchmaker is positively flexing it's muscles just sat still. Rarely does a Harley have such an effect.


Wednesday 30 March 2011

CARMAXX Bugster 9.03 - The Boxster Beetle

I've always admired 'sleeper' creations, but what could be more fitting than a tuned Boxster masquerading as VW Beetle? We've all seen German look VWs powered by angry Type 4 or Porsche engines hanging out the back, but this creation retains almost all of the Boxster's renowned handling and balance.

CARMAXX Automobiles founder Siegfried Rudolf completed an apprenticeship as a motor mechanic at Porsche where he successfully passed the master examination. From 1989 to 1999 Rudolf then worked for VW.

In the early 70s VW, Porsche and Audi specialist Artz produced a one-off mid-engined Beetle with a 2.7RS engine and 914/6 underpinnings. Is that where Rudolf first saw it done? Modern engineering techniques and the Boxster platform combine to produce a more powerful and no doubt reliable version.

Under this humble 1970s Super Beetle body hides a full plate of Boxster S running gear including mid mounted 270PS 3.2-litre flat six engine and original six speed gearbox. Look up 'sleeper' in the German dictionary and you'd half expect to find details of the Bugster.

The idea came to Siegfried one day having parked his tuned Beetle Cabrio 1303 next to his wife's Porsche Boxster S. Looking at the dimensions and surveying the two vehicles it was clear to him that the idea was feasible.

With no fixed prices, the spec can be tailor made to suit buyer's requirements. Now that the logistics of such a creation has been mastered by CARMAXX, it is also possible to fit the 996 and even GT3 powerplants! Just imagine the look on a 911 driver's face..

Weighing just 1098kg the Bugster 9.03 promises performance in abundance and handling to match. Painted in Lamborghini Grigio Telesto Metallic and incorporating the trademark Boxster side air intakes the finished product looks truly wunderbar and is a credit to the company founder's  engineering talent.

For more technical specs and photos visit the site.

Porsche Commercial - Engineered for Magic. Every day

Clever Porsche advert from the US ticks all the quirky boxes as well as the anti-sexist and anti-racism ones. Well, how many Mums do you know who collect other people's kids from school in a canary yellow 911 Turbo? The truth is, Porsche build sports cars with genuine everyday practicality, a feat few other performance makers can match.

Sunday 13 February 2011

MCN Carole Nash London Motorcycle Show

As I live within a stones throw from the Docklands Excel exhibition centre, it's a bit of a no brainer on whether I should pop down and visit the London Motorcycle Show. As last years show was well worth the effort- if only to try on a possible new helmet..I caught the DLR 'toy train' on Saturday morning direct to the Excel Ehibition Centre. One of the best parts of the show for me is that manufacturers allow punters to climb around on their current range and try-bikes-on for size. A smattering of classics also keeps me coming back.

A pretty pair of Ducatis fresh from the Moto Giro Italia last year were found hiding in a quiet corner as was a stunning £60,000 one-off Ducati 1088RS set to inspire future road bikes.

The new Norton Commando 961 Cafe Rcaer was as popular as ever with the latest parts bin special model attracting the most admiring glances.

Finally this cutaway VFR750R RC30 caught my eye, a bike that has probably done more shows than you've had hot dinners over the years, proving just how advanced the highly successful road racer was when it came to UK shores in 1990, yes 21 years ago!

Saturday 29 January 2011

Chris 'Teach' McNeil on board BMW F800 GS

Chris "Teach" McNeil proving the BMW F800 GS sure aint no old mans bike. A lucky escape too.

Friday 28 January 2011

DTM in the 1980s: The Golden Era

Check out this uber-cool footage from the late 80s of the German DTM Championships or Deutsche Tourenwagen Meisterschaft. Slo-mo's, jumps, crashes- this video has the lot! Thanks for the heads up Lex!

Wednesday 22 December 2010

German Touring and Road Car Hillclimbing

Featuring saloon, hatch back and road cars we all recognise, this feature length footage of a German hill climb event is proof the Germans do things properly.