Tuesday, 4 May 2010

CAV America Honda CB450 'Manx Tribute'

Johann Keyser of CAV America, usually builds rather tasty looking official Gulf livered Ford GT40 replicas. In his spare time he has now built this 'retro mod' Manx Norton tribute Honda CB450 you see above. Intending to offer economy in the style of a cafe racer, Keyser has produced something which looks great and has some fantastic features, but what I want to know is when was a cafe racer ever meant to be economical?

A good effort in my opinion but if he wants my advice, he should stick to his gorgeous GT40s and maybe look into producing usable, reliable Tritons. Just an idea Johann..

1 comment:

  1. for the life of me other than grey paint i dont realy see any manx styling cues, maybe the rear mudguard looks a little like the 1950 tail other than that it s well done but manx?